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Plan a “Hockey Mom” Fundraiser!

If your hockey program needs a financial boost, invite Jody Anderson to your next event. Anderson will attend free of charge, if it is near Minnesota’s Twin Cities and if her schedule allows it. (If you’re not in her area, she may still attend but will have to charge for travel expenses.)

The way it works is simple.

  1. Anderson attends your event and brings plenty of books with her.
  2. Someone from your organization handles the actual selling of the book (taking money, making change, etc.), while Anderson autographs any books that are sold.
  3. At the end of the event, you pay Anderson for the books you sold, $4 per book*. You keep the rest (about 50%) for your hockey organization!

Interested? Contact Jody to get things started.

*This money goes back to the publisher for the cost of producing books. Anderson does not keep it.

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